Kit Cars

Most of us have come across times when a Porsche zooms past us and we always wished we owned one. Kit cars are the perfect solution to this. Kit cars are basically replicas of the original classics. These replicas are very identical to the original vintage models from which they draw inspiration. Most of the kit cars available today are built by independent manufacturers and not the company who originally manufactured the car.

Kit cars have the old design and looks, but they are the perfect amalgamation of new technology and old looks. Most of the kit cars use a steel tube chassis and even use modern CD players and air conditioning. Most of the kit cars have glass fiber bodies and a small block engine. Kit cars are of various kinds, one type of kit car can be built from scratch. These types of kit cars have a new chassis, gear box, drive train etc. such cars are a bit expensive compared to the other variety. The kit cars of the second type are the typical DIY kit cars which are built on a car that one has parked in the garage. Most of the kits are compatible with VW beetles. These kits are basically built over an existing VW beetle which was a very famous model then.

Kit cars can be easily built at home or bought ready. These ready cars are assembled in the workshop of the manufacturer who makes the kits. This is a feasible option for all the beginners and people with no earlier technical knowledge. Most of the kit cars are available for fraction of the price compared to the original models they replicate. Kit cars are available for a number of models, a Ferrari, a Porsche and even Catheram cars. The best part of kit cars is that they can be customized to suit personal needs. Some people wish to fit high performance racing engines in their cars and that is possible as the entire car is custom built. Kit cars also come with special customization offers like rear spoilers or options in interiors.

Kit cars also have another advantage; they are classy and beautiful looking cars with costs that don’t burn holes in the owner’s pocket. Now the Fiero is also available in a battery powered option, hence making it and similar kit cars Eco friendly and an affordable masterpiece, a must buy for car enthusiasts.