Kit Cars

Everything you need to know about Kit Cars.

AC Cobra Kit Car


An AC cobra kit car is an opportunity to relive the magic that the AC cobra created in the 1960s. The original AC Cobra cars were built on the Bristol straight-6 engine; these replicas are majorly built on any platform available most commonly the JBL motorsport roadster kit.

ac cobra kit car

Austin Healey Kit Car


If an Austin-Healey is really rare to own these days, An Austin Healey kit car is the perfect alternative to being a proud owner of an Austin-Healey. There are a number of manufacturers who manufacture these replicas and the best part of making an Austin Healey kit car is the customizable options, when the owner himself makes the Austin Healey kit car there are a number of add-ons that can be thrown into it making the classic even classier.

austin healey kit car

Bugatti Kit Car


Bugatti kit car is inexpensive options to the expensive Bugatti car that not everyone can afford. These Bugatti kit car is fiber glass reinforced replicas of the expensive Bugatti cars.

bugatti kit car

Build A Kit Car


Have you ever wished to own a gorgeous looking Porsche, Fiero or Sterling? The easiest option to be a proud owner of one of these is to build a kit car.

build a kit car

Build Your Own Kit Cars


It is very easy to build your own kit cars, kit cars are basically fiberglass bodied replicas fitted over existing chassis like the chassis of a VW beetle can be used to build your own kit cars with ease. The fiber glass bodies are molded and reinforced with fiber strands at the edges, bemds and corners to make it much more durable, strong and long lasting.

build your own kit cars

Buy A Kit Car


When one cannot make a kit car, why not buy a kit car? The easiest way to own the car of your dreams is to buy a kit car.

buy a kit car

Caterham Kit Car


Caterham cars are special light weight sports cars. A Caterham kit car can be built from scratch in a very easy and user friendly way.

caterham kit car

Cheap Kit Cars


Cheap kit cars are available to car enthusiasts in various ways. A car enthusiast can source for cheap kit cars from various online stores as well as discount sales available through the dealership networks of various kit car manufacturers.

heap kit cars

Corvette Kit Cars


Corvette cars have been one of the most famous cars among car enthusiasts since quite ages he sleek lines and curves added to the powerful engine and mesmerizing looks makes the corvette a very famous and reliable car.

corvette kit cars

Fiero Kit Car


The Fiero had nothing peculiar like a sports car but had a chameleon like ability to change into something really different, and this herculean task can simply be performed on a Fiero kit car by unbolting the original parts and putting together a whole new look.

fiero kit car

GTM Kit Car


For people looking for a different, classy and awesome looking kit car the GTM kit car is your answer. The fresh, sporty and fast look to the GTM kit car makes it an obvious and first choice for car enthusiasts who want to drive a classic and prevent a hole in the pocket at the same time.

gtm kit car

Hot Rod Kit Cars


Hot rod kit cars are famous kit cars that reflect the true vintage look and style in them. These cars are usually open top cars that have a typical vintage look.

hot rod kit cars

Kit Car Bodies


Kit car bodies are usually made of reinforced fiber glass. This is a very tough material that is easily moldable and is available in various colors and is also very flexible when it comes to where it can be used.

kit car bodies

Kit Car Manufacturers


There are a number of kit car manufacturers in the market and these manufacturers are servicing a very big market area. There is a big demand for kit cars and kit car manufacturers are m

kit car manufacturers

Kit Car Parts


The best part of owning a kit car is the availability of kit car parts. Since the kit car industry is a rapidly growing industry the parts are easily available and are manufactured with ease.

kit car parts

Kit Cars Corvette


Kit cars corvette has been an affordable alternative the legendary corvette that instantly struck a chord with car enthusiasts from round the globe. This car has all the necessary bells and whistles that can dwarf most of the other kit cars in the market.

kit cars corvette

Kit Cars For Sale Cheap


There are a number of available kit cars for sale cheap these kit cars are basically fiber glass bodied replicas of original classics. These kit cars for sale cheap are known for their availability and cheap prices at which they are old either at online auctions or local community sales.

kit cars for sale cheap

Kit Cars For Sale


Kit cars are a booming and growing industry; kit cars for sale are available through a number of modes. Most of these are available online, some big manufacturers also have dealership networks world-wide.

kit cars for sale

Kit Cars


Most of us have come across times when a Porsche zooms past us and we always wished we owned one. Kit cars are the perfect solution to this. Kit cars are basically replicas of the original classics.

kit cars

Lamborghini Kit Car


A Lamborghini kit car is an affordable option o the Lamborghini that can burn a hole into pockets of even the rich. Every man wishes that he owns a sports car, and the Lamborghini kit car helps in making this dream come true.

lamborghini kit car

Lamborghini Kit Cars For Sale


Lamborghini kit cars for sale are available in various onlne stores that sell Lamborghini kit cars. These sales are usually second hand car sales. These second hand Lamborghini kit cars for sale are usually exact replicas of the Lamborghini cars.

lamborghini kit cars for sale

Lotus 7 Kit Car


The Lotus 7 was a light weight open top sports car. The Lotus 7 kit car is built by a number of companies like Boes Motor and mekanik a Swedish car company selling the Lotus 7 kit car which is named the Boe 7.

lotus 7 kit car

Porsche 356 Kit Car


A Porsche has been a style statement since ages now and so is the Porsche 356 kit car which is arguably said to be one of the most beautiful cars ever built. A typical Porsche 356 kit car is really low and wide but very appealing to the eyes.

porsche 356 kit car

Porsche Kit Car


If you own a Porsche, you are respected! A Porsche kit car looks exactly like this Porsche that is a ca of dreams, the only difference being that a typical Porsche kit car will be much more affordable compared to a Porsche.

porsche kit car

Sebring Kit Car


A Sebring kit car has been the definition of style and perfection since quite some time now. The Sebring kit car range is basically divided into 5 variants every variant having its own distinctive style and Unique Selling Point.

sebring kit car

Shelby Kit Car


A Shelby had been a classic creation from the day they started to be manufactured. A Shelby kit car proves to be just that, a Classic! With flared looks and sexy curves plus the right angles the Shelby kit car is a winner, and you can say that by simply having a glimpse of this super car replica.

shelby kit car

Sterling Kit Car


Sterling kit car is a solid and robust sports car built by the Sterling Sports cars LLC. This car was majorly built to run on the chassis of the VW beetle and was quite a successful model, the company also has a Sterling kit car for the enthusiasts who already own a car and wish to breathe new life into it.

sterling kit car

Superformance Kit Cars


Superformance kit cars are sexy looking sports car which was initially built by Ford. These cars are supercars and are very fast compared to any other car on the road.

superformance kit cars

Unfinished Kit Cars For Sale


Unfinished kit cars for sale are available from various stores online. These unfinished kit cars for sale are basically kit cars that were initiated but the owners either didn’t want to finish them or wish to opt for other options or other kit cars.

unfinished kit cars for sale

Vw Kit Cars


Kit cars are known as component cars. VW has been a leading automotive manufacturer since 1937. And so in 1970 when kit cars became famous they were made to be directly bolted to a VW beetle chassis.

vw kit cars